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We are your best source for Carlson squid bird bars and Fuku squid.

FUKU  Glow Squid Bars

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Hot Tomato, Pearl, Shrimp. Due to freight considerations
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The Carlson "Ultimate" Trolling Bird
This bird was designed and engineered to be the best bird on the market.
After 20 years of having one of the most popular teasers on the market. John Carlson decided to raise the bar a notch or two. Three years in the making and countless prototypes, the new Carlson bird was created. The new bird has the best qualities of the classic wooden bird with the upgraded features of a plastic construction.  
  • Built with high impact plastic
  • Welded, stainless steel thru-wired
  • Internal belly weight
  • 8 eye popping colors
  • Stainless steel ball bearing swivel
  • Pre-drilled hole to turn into bird bar

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Hard Head Lures

In looking forward to the 2012 fishing season I reviewed what worked in 2011. Early on the hot tuna rig to have in the water was the Carlson Sluggo Bar. We have all been looking for that special rig that would mimic the sand eels that the bluefin love so much. This is that rig!

In the Canyons the hottest bar was the 5" Hard Head. Either green or purple trolled from the end of white water to the third wave was deadly. The rigs had a 9" Resin Head Lure of the same color for a stinger.

At the same time in the early weeks of June the traditional squid colors were producing. During June the brighter colors like rainbow were catching East of Chatham. But others I fished with said they were getting bites early on Black with Green Glow stingers. The smaller fish were three to four miles off Chatham with the bigger fish on Crab Ledge out to the BC Buoy. I would expect the tuna to be here by the first week of June based on their arrival in Rhode Island and Massachusetts the past few seasons.

The Striper bite in RI began in April for school stripers with the bigger fish right behind. On Cape Cod school after school of Striped Bass arrived in May. Our custom umbrella rigs, soft plastics and jigs did the trick. In July floating plugs that imitate fleeing squid were deadly in the rips. Offshore in August there was a yellowfin bite in the Dump off RI and the Mud Hole off Long Island.

We are partnered with the best manufacturers of high quality saltwater fishing tackle. I have field tested all of the tackle we sell on the charter boat Maverick

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